Saturday, October 10, 2009

I know that life is here

I need the light to accommodate my thoughts
I need a house to accommodate my dreams
I need your eyes to write a poem
And I grow old, you become my memories and my dreams
Come tomorrow or someday
I will wait for you
I will wait you here
And I grow old, you become my memories and my dreams
Or let us meet on some cloud
While they are traveling on that sound
The sound of rain, the sound of time
And I grow old, you become my memories and my dreams
It is everywhere
It is just right here
I have a small heart to cry , and some few thoughts to let me dream
And I grow old, you become my memories and my dreams

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tree of Life

اشتريت شجرة مليئة بالغصون
مورقة الجفون

و مضيت ...

اتخذت منزلي الغيوم
وتبعثرت أوراقي على رصيفي
اتخذت منزلي الشجون
لم تعانقني طريقي
ارتشفت من صوت الأنين
فجاوبتني أصداء الظنون

لم يعد على شجرتي الا وريقة
لم يعد على غيمتي الا أنا وبضع شجيرة

وهكذا يكون من عانق الجنون
ومات في صمت بلا عيون
لم أرى الا الغيوم

These days

Burning wood to get warm
Burning my feelings to feel strong.
Till all become ashes

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back Home

Take me back home
Before the dawn
Before the stars collapse
And I grow old

Take me back to the yards
And the empty gardens of the sky
Before the sun shines

Take me back to the lap of freedom
And the nest of what was
Before the wind comes and blows the memories away in the sea of time

Take me back to the faces I know
Before the tears close the lights of my eyes and fall

I am not afraid of the time
I am afraid of the rhyme,
that Plays and fades
And I lose my smile

Take me back home before I die.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Tears, on empty papers
Soon they get dry and disappear
Like the unspoken novels
Narrated by the time
And like the shadows of darkness
they are there but real they are not
Soon after we get accustomed to departure and pain , we disappear.

Friday, August 29, 2008

CD Tracks

I stopped at the bus station
Confused emotion
Smiles were twisted with hidden imagination
Words could not come out
While my CD tracks are still playing
I left the bus station
Everything changes but my CD tracks are still playing
Same words
Same tones
My CD tracks are still playing
I remember, I forget and the Tracks go on playing.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The night kept fighting the day
The corners of the house tried to escape
All want to be
Despite the time
Despite the place

And I, I don’t belong
Neither to a homeland nor to the time

I am the wind which blows to steal the pollens to the folds of the fields
I am the foam of the sea which travels the oceans on the eyelashes of the waves
I am the light which touches the details of the day till the night comes, and then travels away to live in the silence of the days.

And after traveling all the way
I come back to my window
After the night has melted
And the day got tired
My journey goes on in the silence of the seasons
While I am not belonging to any origins.